We explore the bigger picture
in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

We are the DAO Research Foundation (DAO-RF)

DAO-RF is a decentralized research organization dedicated to understanding and advancing decentralized organizations. Our work currently has four domains:

Decentralized Organization Architecture

Even before writing any code, designing an organization is no easy task. In addition to creating organizational prototypes, we aim to provide informative scientific literature and clear transparent case studies from real industry deployments to enable efficient organizational design. It is our goal to validate novel organizational design patterns through prototyping, as well as retroactively analyse existing DAO communities.

Organizations as Autonmous Organisms

The ability to programmatically define a corporation opens many possibilities for the exploration of automated organizational design, in particular at the intersection of reinforcement learning and organizational design. By enabling an algorithm to receive funds and hire, we enable the realistic implementation of a previously unseen paradigm; the autonomous organism - a programmatic instance that can raise funding, organize and hire, and sustain itself monetarily.

DAO Legal

Understanding the legal precedents and roadblocks of using Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is critical to understanding how DAOs will interface with the existing legal world, from hiring to encorporating to raising funds.

...and everything else!

As a new and developing field, there are many aspects of decentralized organizations that have not been explored or formally studied. Onto something interesting, reach out to us at

DAO-RF is currently looking for partners in research and industry.